25 watt Ray Spot Armatür

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25 watt Ray Spot Armatür

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  • Chip made by Nichia company
  • Available in 20 and 40 degree radiation angles
  • Reinforced body made of quality aluminum
  • 5-year warranty (Unconditional replacement)
  • Personalized case color option
  • There is a Dialux plugin
  • Made in Türkiye


Features of COB  LED 25 watt track light

Tekwat COB LED 25 watt track light is the best light source for displaying products in various stores, including clothes, carpets and white goods, with its concentrated light and high color rendering index. Focusing the light on the items with this lamp allows customers to draw their attention to the items in the showcase. . Below we have examined the features of Tekwat 25 watt track light.

Rail and rail system in lighting

15 watt Rail Spot Luminaire - ecowat

Rail system is a method of providing light in architecture. In this system, light sources are placed on a connected path. In fact, this path not only carries the weight of the lamp but also conducts the necessary electricity.
The main difference between this system and the independent wiring of each source is that in this system, the lights receive the energy they need from the rail and as a result, this system gives more flexibility to the lighting. This method allows the user to change the light focus.
This system has the ability to mount the rails on the floor, wall, ceiling and other surfaces. Therefore, you can distribute the light from different angles to any surface you want. Additionally, the rail system is suspended from the ceiling with a rod in places with high ceilings. See the rail product for more information.

Tekwat COB LED 25 watt track light has a unique design. Every piece of this light has been selected meticulously and after much consideration. Below we will go through the details of each part of the Tekwat light:

LED type used in COB LED 25 watt track light

The light source of this lamp is COB type with high LED intensity. This gives the lamp the ability to create striking and concentrated light. The number of chips used in the COB of this lamp is 48, which can be counted with the naked eye. It is recommended that you do not look directly at the COB of this light. Because it will damage your eyes.


Color rendering index (CRI) is the criterion for evaluating the color quality of objects under light. The higher the CRI value of a light source, the more natural the colors appear to the human eye. In fact, CRI=100 only applies to sunlight, and the CRI of every man-made light source is below this amount. Tekwat uses LED chip with CRI>95 in commercial lights. This makes objects under light more visible.


One of the most important parts of any LED light is the power supply. LED diode is a sensitive element and needs constant current to emit integrated light. Tekwat track light uses a constant current output driver equipped with active power factor correction circuit at the input. This is especially important for commercial locations that have to pay for reactive power in their electricity bill.

Today’s electronic drives have energy storage capacitors on the input and output side, which reduce distortion caused by city electricity and increase the life of the lamp. The capacitors in this light are selected to operate at high temperature and high ripple current. This results in long life and a 5-year warranty. If these capacitors were of poor quality, they would begin to flicker after the fixture had been used for a while, eventually causing the lamp to burn out.

Heatsink and reflector of Tekwat COB LED 25 watt track light

In addition to producing light, LED lights also produce heat. The opinion that the LED lamp does not heat is related to old lamps with a power of less than 1 watt, the heat of which is not felt by people. The heat of this light must be transferred to the outside through an aluminum radiator. If the LED chip overheats, it will lose light over time.

In the design of the cooler, the length and volume of the aluminum section, as well as the number of fins and production technology, are also effective in the dissipation of heat. The Tekwat 25 Watt track light features an aluminum extrusion and machined heatsink for COB heat dissipation.

One of the advantages of LED light over other light sources is its versatility. However, where the light must be completely focused (spot), a reflector is needed to reflect all light rays in one direction. Tekwat 25 watt rail light reflector is made of heat-resistant coated aluminium. This coating prevents the reflector surface from clouding and its efficiency remains constant over time.


The body of the Tekwat rail light is made entirely of aluminum and has two free axes for up-down and left-right movement. This body is durable enough and has the ability to support the weight of the lamp in any direction it is placed on the rail. On the other hand, it’s as elegant as it gets and doesn’t take up too much physical space.

Other features of the 25 watt track light

15 watt Rail Spot Luminaire - ecowatAll the lights produced by Tekwat, after being produced in accordance with the standard, remain on for 24 hours at the city’s electrical voltage, then turn on and off 1000 times at the same voltage. At the next stage, it works for 4 hours at a voltage of 180 volts and 4 hours at a voltage of 240 volts. It is then transferred to the packaging department. So, after passing these stringent tests, the probability of failure during operation reduces to zero. Because Ecowat is aware of the additional costs applied for the warranty and that the cost and time spent in contacting the after-sales service department sometimes exceeds the price of the lamp, and we believe that with such tests we reduce the chances of this incident occurring as much as possible.

Tekwat LED light consumes less energy than halogen and metal halide lamps and, as a result, gives off less heat to the environment. This means that in addition to lower electricity costs, it heats the environment less and, as a result, there is no need to overwork the air conditioning system during hot seasons. As we know, one of the main elements in the production of discharge lamps is mercury. It is very dangerous for mercury to spread around as a result of these lamps breaking. Tekwat LED lamp does not contain mercury or toxic elements.

After a while, the phosphor coating in fluorescent and low-consumption lamps gets small scratches that are invisible to the naked eye, but through which UV rays can pass. Excessive UV rays in the environment increases the risk of skin cancer in consumers. Tekwat LED lamps have no dangerous UV radiation and the health of their light has been approved by experts.

Important points during use and installation

This lamp is one of the most used light sources in different shops and commercial centers. Before purchasing Tekwat 25 Watt rail light, it should be noted that this light is used to illuminate showcases and objects standing or mounted on the wall due to its local light and installation method, and that this light source can be used easily and adapted to different internal designs due to its ability to be mounted on special rails and rotate 360 ​​degrees.

One of the most important points to consider when installing this product is the radiation angle. This lamp has a reflector with a radiation angle of 40 degrees and 20 degrees. This lamp has a reflector with a radiation angle of 40 degrees and 20 degrees. In other words, with a 40-degree reflector at a distance of 2 meters from the installation site, you will have minimum light intensity (800 lux) in a circle with a diameter of 1.2 meters. You will also have minimum light intensity (1300 lux) in a circle with a diameter of 0.9 meters with a 20-degree reflector at a distance of two meters from the installation site. Therefore, in order to get a suitable light, be careful not to install this product too close or too far from the display case or the object you want during installation.

The choice of color temperature Warm White (3000 Kelvin), Cool White (5700 Kelvin) and Natural White (4000 Kelvin) depends entirely on your taste and is chosen according to the amount and color of external light, as well as the color that dominates the interior decoration and the type of product offered for sale. For example, cool white is often chosen in pharmacies, while warm white is more popular in clothing stores.

Enough reasons to buy 25 Watt track light

  • The chip of this light is manufactured by Japan’s Nichiya Company (one of the best companies producing chips and lighting components).
  • The driver of this product is specially designed by Tekwat experts and engineers according to Turkey power grid conditions for 25W Tekwat track light.
  • This product is available in three color temperatures, warm white, cool white and natural white, and is offered in two radiation angles.
  • The highest quality raw materials were used in the production of this light.
  • The 5-year unconditional product replacement warranty is proof of Tekwat’s superior quality compared to other competitors.
  • The 25 watt track light is produced in Turkey by Tekwat Company.

Ek bilgi

Boyutlar 15 × 9 × 15 cm
Işık akısı

2030 Lm @ 5700K


25 W

Tüketilen güç

22.5 W

Aydınlık ışık verimliliği

90.2 Lm/W

Maksimum ışık yoğunluğu

4490 candela

Kasa Rengi

beyaz, siyah

Açı Seçenekleri

20 derece, 40 derece

Işık rengi (Kelvin)

3000 Kelvın (Sarı), 4000 Kelvın (Gün ışığ), 5700 Kelvın (Beyaz)

Renksel geriverim indeksi (CRI)


Işık kaynağı tipi

COB LED (84pcs Nichia Chips)

Giriş akımı

181 mA, PF>0.5

Giriş voltajı özellikleri


Dim Opsiyonları


İzin verilen anahtarlama sayısı

100.000 kez

0 ışığa ulaşma zamanı

0 saniye

Cıva miktarı (Hg)

0 gram


Monofaze Alüminyum Ray, Monofaze Aparatlar (I şekli), Monofaze Aparatlar (L şekli), Monofaze Aparatlar (T şekli), Monofaze Aparatlar (V şekli), Monofaze Aparatlar (Xşekli)

koruma sınıfı (IP)



580 g

Garanti Süresi

5 yıl garanti (Koşulsuz değişim)


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